Gas Fitter Sutherland Shire, LPG ,Natural Gas

Natural gas is a cheap and effective heating source and we are experts at the installation and maintenance of gas heating as well as gas appliances and we offer a wide range of gas fitting and maintenance services.

Gas Inspection Service

Every two years there is a mandatory requirement to have all gas connections and lines inspected. We can offer the service to residential and commercial customers anywhere in Sutherland Shire for very competitive rates


Gas meter Installation

Our gas fitting team have installed dozens of gas meters across sutherland shire and can do these in a very timely manner for a very good price we can also replace and maintain old gas meters for you

Gas Stove and Oven Installation

This is very specialized work and needs a reputable gas filter to make primary connections to all gas appliances. We offer a professional installation service for all the leading brands as well as repair services for common gas faults with these appliances.

Gas Hot Water Systems Sutherland Shire 

We can maintain, repair and service your gas hot water system no matter what brand or size you have. We can also cover commercial installations to businesses as well.

Gas leaks

If you smell gas anywhere it is important to get out as soon as possible and Call and expert gas fitter can disconnect the gas from the house and through a series of testing equipment and sniffers as well as bubble testers to locate and repair that gas leak without causing potential damage to your property or worse . Call our plumber in Caringbah for the best advice for all gas plumbing .

Bayonet Fitting Installation

We are a leading, licensed and professional gas fitting company in the Sutherland Shire and are experienced in the installation of outdoor bayonet fittings for gas heaters or space heaters. We can safely install a gas line in any outdoor area you require.

Licenced gas fitters

All our staff are trained professional gas fitting and plumbing.

Free Quote Available

We can offer free quotes and pensioner discounts for all gas fitting work , just ask the friendly team when you call .

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